Rumah Siap Huni 2 Jember Jawa Timur

  • 03 Jan 2018 06:02

Informasi Properti

Tipe Properti: Rumah
Jumlah Lantai: 2
Jumlah Kamar Tidur: 1
Jumlah Kamar Mandi: 1
Sertifikasi: HGB - Hak Guna Bangunan


AC, Garasi, Halaman


My php website flows like this:

  • Page1.php has an html form which POSTs to Page2.php
  • Page2.php stores all the POST data into SESSION variables and has a button leading to Page3.php
  • Page3.php has another form which POSTs its data to Page4.php
  • Page4.php then stores all its POST data into SESSION variables

My problem is that it may be nessicary for a user to click the back button on Page4.php to go back to Page3.php and change some input. AS im sure your all aware when they get back to Page3.php the form will be blank as the entire page is re-rendered in its default state.

To get around this and re-display the user's previous input im doing this: